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Running Past The Finish Line


Excuses, Excuses

For the past few years I’ve wanted to run a marathon, but I wasn’t prepared to put in the work. The long, difficult training seemed to be too daunting for someone at my age, who is passed her prime and who is carrying a few extra pounds. I also deal with ankle pain from time to time, thanks to a serious bicycle accident 3 years ago. But these are all just excuses. Excuses that I let take root in my mind. The roots of these excuses permeated my thinking, and crowded out any motivation that I had to continue training for the marathon. The roots dug deep into my psyche, allowing no room for progression or success.

Running I Shall: Train I Shall Not

I did continue to run, but train I did not. I would start a program, and then stop. I did this multiple times; and once you make the same mistakes over and over again, it becomes a decision. I decided that a marathon wasn’t for me. The tree began getting stronger, and the roots embedded themselves deep into my brain; the excuses became decisions, reasons, and alibis.

Then one day something clicked.

The reason my body wasn’t ready to train for a marathon was because it wasn’t strong enough. After my bicycle accident in 2014, I started running very slowly until I could run 10 miles comfortably. I got back on the bike and enjoyed hiking with my husband. But I did virtually no strength training. And my running suffered for it.

No More Running For Me!

Fast forward to 2017, and my thin, lean body became a study in fat collection. I put on 20 pounds, and most of it rested in my gut. It made it very difficult to run, and I basically gave up in March of this year. “No more running for me,” I said. “I’m done–now I just lift weights.” When I made this announcement, I pictured my Facebook friends looking at their phones and rolling their eyes, because they knew I was full of it. They knew I would return to running.

And by golly, they were right!

I just finished a nice, relaxing 4 mile run, and the endorphins are flying all over the place. I feel great, and I’m excited about my training plan that I am now following. I’m determined to see this thing through because I’m not getting any younger (I’m now part of the over 40 crowd), and it’s either now or never. My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner. That I let the excuses take over my mind and crowd out the reality that I do love running, and I always will.

Run Past The Finish Line

I know that once I run past that finish line, all the hard work will be worth it. I will have achieved a goal, and it will feel awesome. There’s no try: lace up, show up, and go!

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