Just Be.


It’s ironic that I posted this as my status on Facebook a few days ago, but when it comes to maintaining this blog, I can’t ‘just be.’ I can’t simply enjoy the journey of blogging, writing content, and having fun. Instead I’m spinning my wheels trying to learn all I can about affiliate marketing, monetizing my site, and promoting my site. I’m like Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde. One minute I’m in my zen mode, completely entranced in a relaxing yoga pose. Then the next minute I’m like an anxious hamster that can’t get off the wheel of trying to make things happen that aren’t meant to happen…yet.

I understand that I’m new to blogging and promoting content; I have a lot to learn. So many questions are left unanswered. Until those answers are found, I should just sit back and enjoy my blog. Write, upload photos, and share things I’m passionate about; but leave the more complicated things on the back burner…for now.

Many blogs fail within the first few months, and I don’t want to be on that continuum. Nobody wants to be a statistic; and nobody wants to see their blog fall down the black hole of the delete button. I can make this blog work, I just have to find its purpose, and its mission. This blog is in its infancy, and it’s not ready for solid food.

Solid food for an infant blog may consist of affiliate marketing, shared hosting services, buying a domain, and building links. And like my blog, I’m not ready to invest in things I’m too young and naive to digest; things like investing in my blog, buying a WordPress theme, and paying for things that I normally use for free.

I’ve never paid to edit or enhance a photo; those apps have always been available to me for free. But pro bloggers use PicMonkey to create and edit beautiful photos that drive traffic to their site..for a fee. I know I’m not ready for that level of professionalism, so it falls under the category of ‘baby food.’

This little baby blog doesn’t have the traffic yet to make investing money into my blog worth it; doing that would fall under the category of stupid. Because to be honest, I may never get a lot of traffic, and that’s OK. I have accepted that, and I will continue to use this blog to be an outlet for my daily runs, thoughts, training victories and defeats and other notes about my crazy life. Not everybody is going to want to read that; and I can live with that. I won’t lose sleep over it.

So why do I keep jumping on the hamster wheel of anxiety? It’s a bad habit of mine to keep doing things that are way ahead of their time. When it comes to success, I don’t want to read the introduction; I want to get to the ending straight away without doing actual work. It’s a character flaw; and I admit it. Just like I admit that my writing isn’t optimal for driving traffic to my site. I know very little about SEO, and ignorance is not bliss in this case. Yet I keep trying to read the ending  before reading the whole book.

I should definitely go find a yoga mat and get into my best Lotus pose. Inhale deeply, letting the breath I take bring peace and tranquility to my entire being. Because after all, if it’s meant to be for me to make money on my site, then it will happen. But for now I just need to namaste.

Photo credit: publicdomainpictures.net


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